Swim with a Whale Shark in Riviera Maya

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Swim with a Whale Shark in Riviera Maya

Estamos ante una experiencia altamente recomendable cómo es el nado con el tiburón . Es una excursión única que no puedes perderte cuando visites la Riviera Maya . En este Tour el protagonista el «Rhincodontypus»; este es el nombre científico de este inmenso y amigable pez , pero es conocido mas comúnmente como el Tiburón Ballena.

Whale Shark Excursion

Swim alongside the world's largest fish, the friendly Whale Shark.

Es el pez más grande del planeta, hay ejemplares que pueden llegar hasta unos impresionantes 18 metros de longitud y pesar hasta 17 toneladas. Curiosamente se alimenta principalmente del conjunto de organismos microscópicos «Plancton», en ocasiones de diminutos peces , crustáceos o larvas. Cuando come, filtra el agua abriendo al boca  como una aspiradora gigantesca.

Riviera Maya is a perfect place to see it

The Whale Shark can reach the size of a bus, but is totally harmless and sociable. This marvellous animal crosses the waters of the Mexican Caribbean every year bordering Holbox Island, Contoy Island and Isla Mujeres in search of warm water and abundant food during the time it approaches these coasts of Mexico. Hundreds of them can be seen swimming and feeding between May and September. They are also sometimes accompanied by large schools of jacks and manta rays, even accompanied by their own young.

It can live up to 100 years and dive to depths of more than 2000 metres. In Vietnam they call it Mr. Fish, they consider it a kind of god. In other places like China they eat its fins. See more information about the Whale Shark

One of our star Riviera Maya excursions. Swim with Whale Shark + Isla Mujeres.

Whale Shark Experience

All our Riviera Maya excursions start from the reception / Lobby of the hotel.

We will pick you up at your accommodation and you will immediately set sail to the port of Punta Sam (Cancun).

Upon arrival and before departure, you will have a continental breakfast of fruit, pastries, coffee and juices. Once you have had breakfast, you will board a speed boat with everything you need for the activity and the swim: snorkelling equipment, sandwiches, snacks, drinks, including beers (once the water activity is over), lifejackets and the specialised and certified staff for this activity.

You will enter the waters of the Caribbean Sea in search ofwhale sharks during a journey of approximately 45 minutes until you reach the area, where it is also very possible to see dolphins and sea turtles.

Once we reach the activity point and find the animals, your eyes will register something you will never forget.

Swimming with the Whale Shark 

You will then be equipped to take to the water and interact with the whale sharks in their natural habitat. Although they may give you a certain amount of respect due to their large size, we assure you that they are totally harmless and tame.

The duration of the activity with them varies from 2 hours approximately, and the activity is done on a rotational basis, jumping into the water in pairs or in small groups when the situation allows it, so that you can have your own special magical moment with this wonderful animal in its natural habitat.

Isla Mujeres

At the end of the swim with the whale sharks, you will go to the most beautiful beach of isla Mujeres , called Playa Norte, here you can relax in this spectacular area for about 1 hour, where you can swim in its warm and crystalline waters to rest from the activity enjoying a delicious ceviche of fish and shrimp prepared on the boat, with drinks included while you enjoy the bath.

You will return to the port of departure, where the transport will be waiting for you to take you back to your accommodation, with the guarantee of having spent a very satisfying day.

A great experience and several seasons making it possible for people to get closer to this incredible and majestic animal.

This is a full day tour, a unique experience that you will only have the opportunity to experience in very specific places in other regions of the world.

In the Riviera Maya, compared to other places in the world, we have the great advantage that a large number of whale sharks come close to the coast. In the Riviera Maya the sea conditions, the temperature of the water and the safety of the water make this activity comfortable for adults and children.

It is an incredible tour to do as a couple, with friends or family. If you are travelling alone, be sure to sign up for this incredible excursion in Riviera Maya, there is room in our group for you, just make your reservation online or by Whatsapp and once confirmed, we will pick you up to start this incredible adventure...

Sign up for this unique and unforgettable experience!

You will be able to take photographs, videos and see the size and behaviour of the animal live.

Video of Whale Shark Excursion + Isla Mujeres

Duration 10-12 hours

small group

Departure every day

Departures from all Riviera Maya hotels

Free Cancellation

Minimum 5 years of age/ Minors must be able to swim

  • What does the Whale Shark excursion include?

  • Including
  • Transfers from your hotel and back
  • Swim with the Whale Shark
  • Speedboat tour
  • Full snorkelling equipment
  • Expert guide throughout the tour
  • Light breakfast (juice, pastries, coffee, fruit)
  • Snack y bebida durante la actividad
  • Seafood ceviche with guacamole
  • Drinks throughout the tour
  • Visit to Playa Norte in isla Mujeres

    ¿Que no incluye la excursión Tiburón Ballena ?

    -Tasa marítima de 13 dolares o 13 euros por persona  ( Se paga directamente en el puerto)
    -Propínas y gastos personales. -Alquiler opcional de neopreno
    -Opcional USB con fotografías y vídeo de la actividad.

    What to take on the Whale Shark excursion?

    • Comfortable footwear (flip-flops, sandals, trainers). Swimming clothes and towel. Sunscreen, preferably biodegradable. Camera (normal/underwater).


    Additional information on the excursion

    OPTIONAL: The team of guides of this activity will take photographs and videos during the whole excursion, and you can buy a USB memory stick at the end of the activities without any obligation.  

A great experience and several seasons making it possible for people to get closer to this incredible and majestic animal.

If you want to know more about the whale shark as a species and the conditions of its habitat. For more information about the Whale Shark. Read more about the Whale Shark

Duration 10 to 12 hours approx.

Departure Days; Daily / Departures from your hotel between 5.30 am and 7:45 am.

Return to the hotel at 16:00 hrs approx.

A minimum age of 5 years old and swimming skills are required for the excursion.

Children from 5 to 11 years old.

Unique Experience - Nature and Adventure Tour

Tour in Spanish language

Full day tour

Reserva esta excursión en la temporada vigente desde el 15 de Junio al 15 de septiembre y vive la experiencia de nadar con el Tiburon Ballena y disfrutar en Isla Mujeres.

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